What Should I Do If My Dog Shakes Out Their Dog Earplugs?

Many of our customers come to find our dog earplugs during a very stressful time. Their dog is often in a state of fear, and they just want to find relief for their furry family member. So they quickly put in our dog earplugs and wait for their dogs anxiety to be relieved. Sometimes this works. It depends on a dog’s temperament and in some cases, if there is fur in the inner-ear. But, when a foreign object is placed in a dog’s ear they will most likely shake their head. And in many cases, the dog earplugs can fly out. So… What should I do if my dog shakes out their earplugs?

It’s Very Important To Follow The Instructions

It’s really normal. Dogs use head shaking as an effective way to force irritants out of their ears! That’s why we took a lot of time to study the structure of a dog’s ear canal.

Susan Hansen, CEO, CrittEar

Like Dog Boots, Dog Earplugs Require Training

While we think it’s funny and cute when dogs first put on dog boots and clumsily tromp about – after desensitizing, a dog walks about normally. The same is true for dog earplugs. Training is required. Positive reinforcement is, well, positive! You can find information for how to train your dog to accept our dog earplugs in the following places:

  • Website (here and here)
  • Initial Order Email
  • Shipping Email
  • Follow-Up Email Sent Two Weeks Post Purchase

How Long Do I Need To Train With My Dog?

There is no one, universal answer. Just like training a dog to wear boots, jump over a stick, roll over, etc., there is a span of time based on an average learning process of a dog. Therefore, we typically say that it takes two weeks to train a dog to accept and wear our dog earplugs. More importantly, it’s pivotal that you train yourself to insert the dog earplugs correctly.

Train Myself To Correctly Insert The Dog Earplugs?

Yes! Let’s be honest, we hardly ever stick things into our dog’s ear canals. In fact, in most cases, we should not do this. But, our patented earplugs for dogs are designed to be inserted into a dog’s L-shaped ear canal. Honestly, this is often why dog earplugs fly out of a dogs ear – poor insertion. Here are a few key things to remember when you are training yourself to properly insert our dog earplugs:

  • Pulling Up On Your Dog’s Ear: One of the steps you must take prior to inserting the rolled-up dog earplug, is to pull up on your dog’s ear. While not a harsh pull, it is also not a gentle tug. The goal is to elongate your dog’s ear canal. So, this means you want to firmly pull your dog’s ear flap up to fully extend their ear canal. Practice on your ear – but in humans you would pull down on your earlobe. You can feel your ear canal safely extend through the firm tug on your earlobe. This is what you want to replicate when you pull upward on your dog’s ear.
  • Inserting The Dog Earplug – This is where you will need to push in the rolled dog earplug into your dog’s ear canal until flush with the ear opening. Only the blue tab is outside of the ear canal, which makes it easy for removing. Most people don’t fully insert the earplugs. So this will require practice in order to slowly build up your confidence along with your dog’s comfort. Remember, it’s odd for your dog too – both of you need to get used to this action.

What Should I Do If My Dog Shakes Out Their Dog Earplugs?

First of all keep calm and collect the earplugs from the floor. Next, if you are in the process of training your dog to accept the earplugs then take a little break. Make sure your dog earplugs are clean before using them again. Here are the steps you’ll want to take before re-inserting:

  • Re-read all of the training material.
  • Practice the ear canal exercise on yourself.
  • Take a break.
  • Try again.

It’s really important that you approach your dog in a calm, confident manner. When it’s time to try again, just practice the first critical step: pulling up on your dog’s ear. Remember to give your dog treats when they allow you to touch and pull up on their ear. Then take another break. Take it slower and reinforce, positively, each of the steps as its own training step. Don’t place the burden of success being the insertion of the dog earplug. Once you have success at each step, eventually you will naturally have successful insertion, and staying put, of your dog earplugs!

We Want To Hear From You

If you have been through this, please share the steps you took to successfully insert the earplugs. Each dog is different. Some dogs will have no issues. Some dogs will be stubborn. Some dogs will be shy. And many dogs will have a response that span the spectrum of all of these. Only you know your dog. You know how slow or fast you can take training. And, you know from previous experiences, what works best to train your dog – their attention span, what irritates them, what motivates them, etc. We want to hear from you, so share your stories with us!

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