Hi, I’m Susan Hansen, and like so many of you, I am a dog lover – I have four! Yes, I watch over my dogs like a mother hen, so when I noticed that my senior Golden Retriever, Coleman, was becoming sensitive to sounds and loud noises I was all in to help him. I tried every product available to help him, but sadly nothing worked. I felt helpless. 

Noise Sensitivity Is Common In Dogs

In time, I realized that Coleman wasn’t the only dog with this issue. Many dogs were noise sensitive. As humans began to take their dogs with them everywhere, they were being exposed to loud situations and environments. Protecting dog’s hearing was a real need in order to minimize noise anxiety and hearing loss.

CrittEar® Was Born

If I could develop something to help Coleman, why couldn’t it also help preserve other dog’s hearing!  I have a company that makes custom silicone hearing protection for humans, specializing for those in loud industries, heavy equipment, shooting sports, hunters, and even children with autism. So I built on this knowledge and, this journey began. I conducted intense research. I interviewed pet owners, K9 handlers, groomers, and working dog owner’s to understand their dog’s noise protection needs. I partnered with veterinarians to learn about dog’s ears and their hearing anatomy. And I collaborated with audiologists.

This led me to develop the first solution of its kind.  

And thus, CrittEar® was born! And so was our tag line (because it’s true!):

Dogs can’t fear what they can’t hear!