Hi, I’m Susan Hansen, CEO and founder of Crittear. Like so many of you, I am a dog lover – I have four! Over the last few years I began to notice that my senior Golden Retriever had become more sensitive to sounds and loud noises.

I tried everything I could get my hands on to help him, but nothing worked. I felt helpless – and just wanted my dog to feel calm.

Noise Sensitivity Is Common In Dogs

But, as I became more aware of the issue, I noticed that it wasn’t just my dog. There were many dogs with the same concerns.  Sound sensitivity in dogs was more common than I thought! Slowly, I became more observant of dogs in potentially harmful, loud situations and took notice of how they would reacted.

Dogs Needed An Advocate For Their Hearing

Some dog’s like working dogs, are in situations every day that are noisy. Other dogs come in contact with noise at various times throughout the year. Whether dogs are at concerts, flying in airplanes, in crowds, training at a gun range, or are around cars, trucks, and heavy equipment – their hearing needed protection. Not to mention the unavoidable storms!

Or worse yet, those dreaded, and often fear-inspiring fireworks!

Dog’s Hearing Is Sensitive

Most of us know dogs can hear better than humans. But, did you know that , they can hear 5 times better than us? That’s why hearing protection is so important – it’s a given that the loud noises will damage dog’s hearing, as well as trigger or increases their anxiety levels.

CrittEar® Was Born

My business is making custom, silicone hearing protection for humans. This includes people who work in loud industries, heavy equipment, shooting sports, hunters, and even children with autism. So I built on this knowledge!

I had to do something about what I saw happening to dog’s hearing – I decided that I would be the advocate that dogs need. And, my journey began. I conducted intense research, interviewed pet owners about how they helped their dogs in loud and scary situations. I educated myself about dogs and their hearing. And I collaborated with hearing professionals.

My research and education led me to develop the first solution of its kind. Inspired by a type of hearing protection that I personally use and make. 

And thus, CrittEar® was born!

CrittEar® is in-ear hearing protection for dogs. It has a unique and patented shape specifically created for a dogs inner ear. And it comes in sizes that will fit dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes! In a nutshell, CrittEar® is a patented dog ear plug that helps protect dog’s hearing and also calms their nerves.

Currently, CrittEar® is made solely for dogs, but I am exploring my product’s potential for additional applications for other critters.

The Future of CrittEar®

Our future looks bright and I am fueled by my passion to help animals. Currently, we are in development with our patented products that include electronic components. This is huge as they will help the Law Enforcement, Military, Search & Rescue working dogs and the loyal companion of a hunter!

I’m excited to say that CrittEar® has evolved into a brand! CrittEar® products are the first of their kind. We use all medical grade materials and are veterinarian doctor approved. CrittEar will have 5 different sizes of products to fit all your dogs feel safe and calm, all the while protecting their hearing!

As we say: Dogs can’t fear what they can’t hear!