Like so many of you, I am a dog lover – I have 4!

Over that last few years I’ve noticed my older golden retriever becoming more and more sensitive to sounds and loud noises. I tried everything I could get my hands on to help him, but nothing worked. I felt helpless!!

I then noticed that it wasn’t just MY dog! There are many!  It’s more common than I thought! I became more aware dogs in potentially harmful, loud situations and how they reacted.  At concerts. In airplanes. Crowds. Gun ranges. Around cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. Unavoidable storms!! 

And what about those DREADED fireworks!!!!!!

We all know dogs can hear better than us – in fact, they can hear 5 times better! So it’s a no brainer that the loud noises WILL and DO damage their ears and triggers anxiety.  

I had to do something about this. I had to help our our dogs! I began intense research, interviewing owners about how they helped their dogs in loud and scary situations. I educated myself about dogs and their hearing. My research and education led me to develop the first solution of its kind, inspired by a type of hearing protection that I personally use and make. My business is making custom, silicone hearing protecton for humans. People who work in loud industries, heavy equipment, shooting sports, hunters, and even children with autism. 

And CrittEar® was born!

CrittEar® is in-ear hearing protection for dogs. It has a unique and patented shape specifically created for a dogs inner ear, with sizes that will fit dogs from chihuahuas to great danes! Currently, CrittEar® is for dogs with potential for additional applications for other critters. and future patent pending products include electronic components. They will be able to help the Law Enforcement, Military, Search & Rescue working dogs and the loyal companion of a hunter!

I’m excited to say that CrittEar® has evolved into a brand! CrittEar™ products are the first of their kind. We use all medical grade materials and are veterinarian doctor approved. CrittEar will have 5 different sizes of products to fit all your dogs feel safe and calm, all the while protecting their hearing!

Since the first “idea”, people I talk to about CrittEar® listen to the story and within minutes I can see their wheels turning. By the end of our conversation, they are saying something like, “WOW!!! What a great product! Wish I thought of that!  Why isn’t it already on the market?”

So….here it is! I cannot wait for your dogs to feel safe and calm with CrittEar® Calm!!!

As we say: Dogs can’t fear what they can’t hear