Whether or not you play an instrument or just stream music in your house, the noise level is important. Dogs hearing is much more sensitive than ours, and that’s why when you play music dog hearing protection is so important.

How Dogs Hear Music

Dogs’ ears are different than ours – and not just in looks. Historically, when dogs were wild, they developed very finely tuned hearing. Because dogs can hear a broader frequency of sound than humans, it’s understandable then that loud sounds are more stressful to dogs – and potentially dangerous to their hearing.

Too Much of a Good Thing - Music Dog Hearing Protection

Yes, while we may find that listening to music at louder levels to be stimulating and energizing – it can be sensory overload for our dogs. Overtime, and it doesn’t have to be daily or even weekly as all sound damage adds up, this can impact our dogs day-to-day experience – resulting in hearing damage and loss.

All Hail The Cochlea

If music is your thing, we encourage you to get CrittEar. The main reason you want to insert a pair of CrittEar dog earplugs in your pooch’s ears while you jam out is to protect their hearing. Our patented dog earplugs help protect your dog’s cochlea – the inner ear, hair-like follicles used for hearing.  Once damage is done to this part of your dog’s ear, it is permanent.

CrittEar Solution:

Our passion:

We specialize in dog hearing protection - because we love dogs! Here at CrittEar® we are serious about your dog’s hearing. Building on a career in audiology, our founder wanted to use her knowledge to help dogs with noise anxiety, aid dogs with firework fear, therapy/service assist working dogs who serve and protect, provide ear protection to hunting dogs, and assist every dog with noise anxiety management. Because once a dog loses their hearing - it’s gone. We’re passionate about helping dogs - that’s why we make the only patented dog earplug on the market.
CrittEar®: Protecting Dogs Ears, Calming Dogs Fears

Other situations where CrittEar can help: