Question: How do I make sure to properly insert them into my dog's ears?

Great question! Dogs, unlike humans, do not inherently understand that earplugs equals quiet. So, be patient – and train, like you would with other activities (like dog booties, eye goggles, etc.). Also, dog’s ears are not made like humans – just putting our dog earplugs into your dog’s ear canal will not work. Dog’s ears are L-shaped. So, you’ll need to prepare the CrittEar Calm dog earplug. Get ready, because your dog’s relief is right around the corner. 

How to insert them:

Firmly roll one CrittEar product between your fingers to form it into a squished cylinder shape. With your free hand, PULL UP on the ear, placing your hand closer to your dog’s skull than towards the end of their ear, to elongate the ear canal, and securely insert the dog earplug all the way down, into the ear cavity, starting with the narrow side, into your dog’s ear canal at a slight downward angle. It must be inserted flush so that it isn’t sticking out of the ear. Once inserted properly, hold in place for 5 seconds. This allows the CrittEar product to naturally expand and give way to a custom fit. Let go of your dog’s ear and give them good PRAISE and TREATS!  Repeat this step with your dog’s other ear. Keep it fun and positive!

To Remove: Pull UP on the ear, grab the earplug’s tab, and gently pull out. Remember to praise your dog.

We specialize in dog hearing protection – because we love dogs! Here at CrittEar® we are serious about your dog’s hearing. Building on a career in audiology, our founder wanted to use her knowledge to help dogs with noise anxiety, aid dogs with firework fear, therapy/service assist working dogs who serve and protect, provide ear protection to hunting dogs, and assist every dog with noise anxiety management. Because once a dog loses their hearing – it’s gone. We’re passionate about helping dogs – that’s why we make the only patented dog earplug on the market.
CrittEar®: Protecting Dogs Ears, Calming Dogs Fears

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