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We receive this question with a regularity sufficient for us to go: “Hmmmm… We need to talk about this!” The answer, like all things in life, is ‘it depends.’ Let’s chat about how often you need to replace your dogs earplugs.

Why It’s Important To Watch Replace Your Dogs Earplugs

Here’s some guidance derived from human earplug maintenance: If you’re using disposable earplugs, especially foam ones, make sure you replace them every few days. To extend their life, you can try washing them every day in warm water and mild soap. 


We consider this sage advice. Considering this was guidance for overnight wear, we extrapolate this to mean one foam pair of earplugs has 16 hours of solid wear. The key takeaways are how long your dog wears earplugs, as well as caring for the earplugs and how these factors impact the frequency with which you may need to replace your dogs earplugs.

Why Would You Need To Replace Your Dogs Earplugs?

While some people think that foam earplugs are like books – they’ll be around forever with just a little wear and tear, they are not. Why? First, the material used for dog earplugs requires flexibility due to the anatomy of a dog’s ear canal. Second, also related to the material, which is a specialized, medical-grade foam, the earplugs will lose form and structure with frequent use. There simply is not a firm yet flexible (think: expands and contracts) material suitable for dog earplugs on the market – yet! We’re always on the lookout.

And, lastly,  foam is porous. So, considering that a dog’s ear naturally has bacteria, you’ll want to replace them often. And wash them in-between uses.

Do you know when it's time to replace your dogs earplugs? Sometimes, just keeping them clean isn't enough! #doghearing #doghealth

How To Wash Your Dog Earplugs

There’s really no trick other than making sure your dog’s earplugs are washed in-between uses. Clear all debris from the earplugs, and wash with warm water and a mild soap. Also, rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Keeping your dog’s ears clean will go a long way in helping to extend the life of your dog earplugs.

Don’t Want The Hassle Of Washing Them?

We hear you! That’s why we just released our 3-pack of dog earplugs. You can order your dog’s size of earplugs in a convenient 3-pack – drastically reducing the amount of times you need to replace your dogs earplugs. Well, perhaps we should say that our 3-pack will reduce the amount of time between orders. The packs cost 20% less than buying individual – easier on our materials management crew and a lot less packing waste.

But Still Keep Your Dog’s Ears Clean

Not to be a pest, but we do want to encourage you to keep your dog’s ears clean and healthy. It’s a good protocol for their overall well-being. The goal is to keep your dog’s ears clean and dry. If your dog has waxy buildup it could not only affect the ability of dog earplugs staying in, but it can cause problems down the road. Discuss ear cleaning with your dog’s vet.

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