Fireworks – there is nothing more glorious to humans and frightening to dogs. The ongoing loud, booming sounds of fireworks is often the scariest sound that dogs can experience. Their inconsistent hertz and decibel levels are the perfect storm to cause anxiety in dogs. Fireworks and dogs simply do not mix.

Fireworks and Dogs - Real Threat?

Unfortunately, the amount of stress that dogs experience during fireworks makes them a real threat. The sounds and unpredictability of fireworks cause many dogs to go into a fight-or-flight mode. Some people report that their dogs bark incessantly, while others say their dogs will try to hide, and in worse-case-scenarios, even run away. Fireworks and dogs make for a truly anxious time – for humans too.

How About Fireworks Miles Away From You?

Yes, them too. Dogs have amazing hearing, they can hear sounds roughly four times further away than humans. So, what might sound rather quiet, or off in the distance to you – can be very close and scary to your dog.

“An NIH study found approximately 45% of dogs take up to an hour to recover from firework trauma. About 22% of dogs took up to a day. The remaining dogs in the study took much longer and some never normalized."

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We specialize in dog hearing protection - because we love dogs! Here at CrittEar® we are serious about your dog’s hearing. Building on a career in audiology, our founder wanted to use her knowledge to help dogs with noise anxiety, aid dogs with firework fear, therapy/service assist working dogs who serve and protect, provide ear protection to hunting dogs, and assist every dog with noise anxiety management. Because once a dog loses their hearing - it’s gone. We’re passionate about helping dogs - that’s why we make the only patented dog earplug on the market.
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