The pet product work has gained a lot in popularity, particularly as we see our pets more as family members than objects that we own. With that comes pet clothes, which tend to be geared towards faction more than function. But for dog earplugs, it’s definitely function over fashion. Here’s how in ear dog earplugs are superior to dog muffs.

What Are Dog Muffs? Are They Like Dog Earplugs

Dog muffs are placed over a dog’s ears in order to ‘muffle’ sound. They tend to mirror, in looks only, airplane pilot over-ear communication systems. This is where the concept emerged. But airplane pilots don’t use their ‘muffs’ if you will, to muffle sound – they use them to communicate with the tower and other workers. For dogs, dog muffs need to be secured down with straps, because, let’s face it… A dog isn’t going to willingly keep muffs on their head. Also, when tightened the straps serve to secure the headphone muffs over the dog’s ear – to block noise. Theoretically, this all sounds like it should work.

Over Ear Dog Muffs Have Two Potential Points Of Failure

Because dog earmuffs require to be strapped over the dog’s fur, slipping is an issue. And, tangling can be an issue for long-haired breed dogs. The type of strap used in dog muffs require that they can be adjusted. This allows for them to be positions and tightened to the correct position. However, for any person who has tried to put on a headband only to have it pop off or slide down over time knows, the straps will move. Particularly as the dog moves around.

The second issue is the blocking of noise, or lack thereof from an over ear noise muffling system. Particularly a muffling system that slides around on a dog’s head. The muffs themselves will slide around and off a dog’s ears. They can’t help but do that given time – but for short amounts of time, they may work. Now let’s explore how in ear dog earplugs are superior to muffs.

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How In Ear Dog Earplugs Are Superior to Muffs

In ear dog earplugs are superior to muffs because they don’t require straps – they simply go in a dog’s ears. Secondly they don’t slide around. Once correctly inserted, a dog doesn’t know that they are there. Also, and this is the biggest one of all: how in ear dog earplugs are superior to muffs is that they are made specifically for hearing protection, just like human earplugs. They block noises. The key is proper insertion because a dog’s ear canal is L shaped.

Our earplugs for dogs are not for fashion. They are for function. Their sole function is to protect your dog’s hearing. One of the benefits of our dog earplugs is that by protecting your dog’s hearing, they also soothe their anxiety. And for this we are proud (and our dog is pretty thankful)!

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