We have an immense amount of respect and love for therapy and service dogs. They devote their entire lives to their owner. This involves a lot of work – work with their paws, work with their bodies, and even work with their ears. 

Therapy and Service Dogs - Their Ears As A Tool

These types of specialty and well-trained dogs use all of their senses to do their work. And their work is often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And just like any other athlete, therapy and service dogs must take care of their bodies – including their ears. That’s why custom in-ear noise reduction equipment is key to their success.

Why Do They Need An In-Ear Noise Reduction Tool?

These types of working dogs go everywhere with their humans. Unlike an average pet, therapy and service dogs are often in loud environments: offices, concerts and music venues, restaurants, cars, planes, trains, worship services, classrooms, grocery stores, and thousands of other, everyday places. Places that we don’t think about – but for a dog, with their heightened hearing, can be very loud. Particularly when in attendance over long periods of time.

CrittEar Solution:

Our passion:

We specialize in dog hearing protection - because we love dogs! Here at CrittEar® we are serious about your dog’s hearing. Building on a career in audiology, our founder wanted to use her knowledge to help dogs with noise anxiety, aid dogs with firework fear, therapy/service assist working dogs who serve and protect, provide ear protection to hunting dogs, and assist every dog with noise anxiety management. Because once a dog loses their hearing - it’s gone. We’re passionate about helping dogs - that’s why we make the only patented dog earplug on the market.
CrittEar®: Protecting Dogs Ears, Calming Dogs Fears

Other situations where CrittEar can help: