Travel can be anxiety rising for humans, but for our furry companions it can be quite polarizing. Travel anxiety in dogs can occur whether they travel by car, bus, plane, recreational vehicle, or by a train. Some dogs can manage their travel-related anxiety better when placed in a crate – and sometimes that doesn’t even help. 

What Does Travel Anxiety In Dogs Look Like?

While it can vary, travel anxiety in dogs tends to show itself through panting, prancing, and the need to frequently move around. This is why it’s important to check frequently on your dog when you travel – particularly if they are in a crate where you may not be able to easily see their fancy footwork.

Travel Anxiety In Dogs - What Is It?

Just like any anxiety, travel anxiety in dogs can manifest itself in any number of ways. However, at its core, it is anxiety that a dog experiences when they suspect, or are actually in the throws of, travel. Anxiety is real and it manifests physically – including serious conditions that we can’t see, like an elevated heart rate.  

Travel anxiety in dogs is often brought about by changes in patterns. Also, once you get into your mode of transportation – like a car or an airplane, strange noises tend to increase a dog’s anxiety levels. The more odd or out-of the-ordinary noises a dog experiences during travel, the more anxious they can become.

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