We know, we know… It would be great if dogs came with the awareness that certain things will help them. Like getting a shot at the vets for example. Or a dog car seat belt. But since dogs don’t come with this type of built-in awareness, it’s their humans’ job to help teach them, and make them feel comfortable in strange situations. There’s no easier way to do this than with the proper conditioning and food as a reward! This is also true for our dog earplugs. That’s why we developed this DIY dog treat recipe for dog earplug training.

Why Don’t Dogs ‘Just Know’?

While domestication of dogs have been going on for ions, there are some traits that still hold true. Most dogs are not comfortable around, or being exposed to, things they don’t know or haven’t experienced prior. Some humans are like this too. However, humans have a different level of cognition than dogs. Generally, puppies and adult dogs learn by watching humans and other dogs (source). However, dogs are capable of learning through simple (and positive) reinforcement. Knowing this about dogs gives their owners a big clue when training them.

Positive Reinforcement In A Nutshell

As an example of positive reinforcement, let’s go back to your drivers education days. Remember learning how to press the brake such that the car you were driving didn’t jerk to a halt? And your teacher told you how great you were doing? So, you did it again… And again, and so on, until now it’s just a reflex that you aren’t truly aware you are doing. This is the type of positive reinforcement you want to create for your dog when conducting dog earplug training with your furry canine. In a nutshell, positive reinforcement training uses a reward (e.g. a treat) to elicit the desired behaviors from your dog.

High Value Treats = Super Positive Reinforcement

While dogs love treats, they truly love high value treats. High value treats are ones that your dog can sniff and find anywhere – they are the kind of treats that your dog will simply do anything for. This is why you need high value treats for dog earplugs training. But first, let’s look at how to insert our earplugs for dogs.

How To Insert CrittEar Dog Earplugs

Roll into a tube shape
Insert while rolled
Insert deep until flush
The deep angle is key

DIY Dog Food Treat Recipe For Dog Earplug Training

Proper insertion is key to successfully using our patented dog earplug. The above images show you how it can be done. We also have a video you can see. here. It’s important to use positive rewards when training your dog to accept/wear our ear plug for dogs – so treat away! Always be patient and tolerant. Your dog will want to shake them out – that’s normal. You’d do the same thing, thinking they were a foreign body instead of helping you. We always recommend small daily training sessions, perhaps 3 times a day, for up to two weeks. Always have our dog food treat (or any other dog treat that your dog absolutely cannot pass up) on hand! So, enough waiting – here’s the recipe:

dog treat recipe for dog earplug training - the perfect match! #dogearplug #earplugsfordogs #dogtreatrecipe

Allow to cool before giving these yummy training treats to your dog. These treats will keep for 10 days when placed in an airtight contain in the refrigerator. Just enough treats and time to complete your dog earplug training!

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