If we had a dollar for every time we’ve received this question, we’d be rich. Dog’s ears are as similar to our ears as horses feet are to human’s feet. While they perform, relatively speaking, the same functions – dog’s ears are very different from human ears. Can I use human earplugs for my dog? That’s a big no, and here’s why.

The Anatomy Of A Dog’s Ear

While a dog’s ear is made up of three parts (outer, middle, and inner), much like humans. A dog’s outer ear is quite different. This goes back to their ancestry. What we typically call an ear, or the outer section is actually the pinna. It’s made of the cartilage and is covered by skin and fur. A dog’s pinna is shaped in a way that captures sound and sends it down through the ear canal to the eardrum. Unlike us, a dog’s pinna move independently from one another. And, what’s really important as it relates to ‘can I use human earplugs for my dog’ is that a dog’s ear canal is much deeper inset than a humans. It is this depth that creates a better auditory process to trap and carry sound.

The length of a dog’s pinna is much longer. And the ear canal is narrow, and has a downward and horizontal angle.

Ours, on the contrary is short. Our ear canal starts from a droop and slightly angles upward, and is wider.

It’s The Pinna That Helps Elongate A Dog’s Ear Canal

Because a dog’s ear canal is designed to capture noise from a distance and deliver it through the ear canal, it has a completely different design. And it works well. The tilt of a dog’s ear canal delivers sounds at unimaginable frequencies; and dog’s are able to hear things we cannot (read more here), and this kept them safe when they were wild. But, it’s also why you can’t use human earplugs in dogs ears. They won’t stay in, and they aren’t narrow enough.

Can I Use Human Earplugs For My Dog? No, You Cannot

The side-by-side images below show how different a dog’s ear is from a humans. We’re different species that evolved differently. And when you think about it, that makes sense. We worked with veterinarians to take molds of dog’s ears to understand their anatomy. We used these molds as we brought our dog earplugs to market. This is why they are shaped the way the are: similar to a cone. Plus, a dog’s elongated ear canal is the reason why you have to pull up when inserting our earplugs for dogs. It lengthens the ear canal to allow for full insertion.

Watch This Video To Learn How To Insert Our Patented Dog Earplugs:

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