***TEMPORARILY CLOSED*** Benefits of our Patented Dog Earplugs:

Protects Hearing

In-ear noise protection made of special memory foam that contours to your dog’s ear canal for a comfortable and safe fit.

Calming Effect

Our specialty dog earplugs provide an instant calming effect. Reliable, and reusable, noise suppression for your canine companions.

No More Medication

Medications and sedatives are expensive and have unhealthy side effects. Our technology ensures a soft, safe fit, for dogs of all sizes.


CrittEar Award Winning Dog EarplugsProtecting Dogs’ Ears, Calming Dogs’ Fears


The pet lifestyleguru

Joe K.


Our dog has fear aggression that gets triggered by noises. Particularly male voices. Which proved problematic when we had a house full of contractors renovating our house. Before CrittEar he would bark a lot. These dog earplugs were lifesaver, they calmed his noise anxiety and saved our ears. Thank you for helping out our little guy!
Krista & Fletcher

Krista & Fletcher


I am so happy with the Calm hearing protection! I can't thank you enough for coming up with this product. Fletcher was very accepting of them. It was immediately obvious that his hearing was altered. He was calm and relaxed as if he was at home all while 14 people were up and down on spin bikes with the music loud and the instructor "barking" orders.
CrittEar in-ear dog noise protection works wonders for these two! Dog ear plugs really do work!


Ryu & Gracie

I can hardly wait to try our Calm, I have a service dog and love to shoot at a range. I have a small dog too that is bothered by thunderstorms and fireworks. What I’m really excited about is the electronic ears for dogs. They would be best for my Ryu. Keep in touch as you work on these, I’m very interested and when I get my first pair I will send you the results on how they work with Ryu.
CrittEar In-ear dog hearing protection is recommended by vets! Dog Earplugs work!

Dr. Lori


As a veterinarian, I am eager to be able to offer my patients hearing protection.  Although the CALM product will be useful in many situations, I am most excited to offer it to pets with noise aversion and phobias.  I think that it will be an excellent option for pets that react poorly to thunderstorms and fireworks.