CrittEar hunting dog hearing protection - hunting dog earplugs!

We’re so excited! In August of 2022, we are going to launch a brand-new line of hunting dog earplugs called CrittEar Hunt. They will be great for dogs that love to hunt with their human companions. Not sure why hunting dog’s need their own dog earplugs? Let’s explore the hearing protection needs of a hunting dog.

Ears Made For The Hunt

Before there were whole stores full of nutritious foods for dogs, dogs had to fend for themselves. In the wild, dogs hunted small prey that often hid in trees or brush in the forest. Because of this, dogs developed a super sensitive sense of hearing that is all their own. While humans can only hear sounds as high pitched as 20,000 Hz, dogs can hear sounds as high pitched as 47,000 – 64,000 Hz (source). They can also hear sounds that are not loud enough for human ears to perceive.

A dog’s ears are perfect for hearing small squeaks and rustling in leaves. However, that also means that they are very sensitive to loud sounds. Sounds over 85 dB can be damaging to a dogs ears and cause noise anxiety in the dog. Gun shots range on average from 140 dB to 175 dB. That is where hunting dog earplugs come in to play. They can help buffer down the loud noise and help keep a dog’s ears safe and help keep the dog calm.

How Dogs Help Hunters

With their amazing sense of hearing, dogs make great companions and helpers for hunters. They are trained to perform several tasks, but here are 3 main jobs that hunting dogs perform:

  • Tracking
    It takes a great nose and a sensitive pair of ears to track down prey. Hunting dogs have both! This is a common job for pointers and setters.
  • Pointing
    Once the prey is found, pointing dogs signal the hunter to wear the prey is hiding. Some will even keep the prey trapped until the hunter arrives.
  • Retrieving
    Commonly used for waterfowl, retrievers gently bring a prey animal back to the hunter after it has been shot. It is important for these dogs to be comfortable on land and in the water.

All these dogs are exposed to gunshot noise frequently. Many have significant hearing loss at an early age. Losing their hearing can impact the job that they perform as a hunting dog. Protecting a hunting dog’s hearing is the main job of hunting dog earplugs.

Hunting Dog Earplugs Are On The Way!

A well-trained hunter would never go hunting without hearing protection for themselves, but what about the hunting dogs? There aren’t a lot of hearing protection options available for dogs – until now. The CrittEar Hunt line of hunting dog earplugs will be made from memory foam and silicone. It will provide both in-ear hearing protection from loud noises like gunshots and it will amplify quiet sounds to help the dog perform their duty during the hunt.   

CrittEar Hunt will be available for purchase in August of 2022. These hunting dog earplugs will be here before we know it! To stay in the know and be notified of when CrittEar Hunt becomes available, please join our mailing list at: .

Can CrittEar Calm Be Used For Hunting?

Need hunting dog earplugs before August of 2022? CrittEar Calm is a great way to protect your hunting dog’s ears from loud noises. With a Noise Reduction rating of 31 dB, they can help keep your hunting dog’s ears protected while you wait for CrittEar Hunt. CrittEar Calm is made of super soft memory foam and is available for purchase today! Consider a 3-pack of CrittEar Calm dog earplugs so that you have one to wear, one in your home, and one in your car for those spur of the moment hunting trips. Have a safe and happy hunting season.

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