A skilled canine hunter relies on their senses for important information. Vision. Smell. Hearing. They are all used to track and capture prey animals. Protecting hunting dogs hearing can be very tricky. Can you allow a hunting dog to hear the important sounds while protecting their hearing at the same time? The answer is yes!

We Totally Understand That Hunting Dogs Use Their Hearing

Acuity of a hunting dog’s hearing cannot be over-rated. Unlike humans, dogs are listening for specific sounds and decibels. Protecting hunting dogs hearing is necessary as they need to be able to hear sounds that humans can’t hear at all (low volume, high pitched sounds). Prey animals are intentionally incredibly quiet and difficult to find. Gun shots, however, are very loud by nature and could be causing damage to your hunting dog’s hearing.

It’s The Loud Bangs That You Need to Worry About

Gunshots are short, blasts of sound, but the impact that sound has can last a long time. In a recent study by Mississippi State University (source), hunting dogs had their hearing tested to see how gun shots can affect hearing loss. Healthy dogs were able to hear low decibel sounds (between 10 and 15 dB). However, a dog that was exposed to repeated gunfire was not able to hear sound until it was at 60 dB.

Hunting is difficult for anyone – dog or human- with profound hearing loss. Protecting hunting dogs hearing could help them to be able to hunt for years to come. How can you be protecting hunting dogs hearing while still allowing them to hear the delicate sounds they need to hear?

Protecting Hunting Dogs Hearing While Allowing Them To Hear

CrittEar Calm in-ear dog earplugs are great at protecting hunting dogs hearing while allowing dogs to hear the noises that they need to hear to do an excellent job on the hunt. While they are not a true range blocking earplug, CrittEar Calm dog earplugs do buffer sound to 31 dB. While using CrittEar Calm dog earplugs, your dog will still be able to hear your commands but will have some protection from harsh gunshot noises.

True Hunting Dog Earplugs Are On The Horizon

If you like to hunt with your dog, now is a great time to get started training with CrittEar Calm dog earplugs. CrittEar Calm are simple, patented memory foam dog earplugs are terrific for training your dog to keep the dog earplugs in and enjoy the sense of calm that they bring. These dog earplugs will also protect your hunting dogs hearing until our newest line of dog earplugs become available.

Coming in 2022, CrittEar will be launching a brand-new line of dog earplugs called Hunt. CrittEar Hunt dog earplugs will be specifically tailored to protecting hunting dogs hearing. They will be made from a patented memory foam and silicone blend that will block harmful gun shot noises, while amplifying the important sounds that your hunting dog is listening for. Your hunting dog will be able to hunt with you for years to come with a little help from CrittEar hunt!

13 Replies to “Protecting Hunting Dogs Hearing While Allowing Them To Hear”

  1. I had not thought about this. People huntt and their dogs DO need to hear. This is a useful post and ne that I hope will make hunting dog owners stop and think for a moment!

  2. How interesting! I never would have thought of using ear plugs for dogs. I know this article focuses on hunting dogs, but I can’t help but wonder what other situations they could be useful for, such as for dogs with noise sensitivity issues.

    1. Yes, our dog earplugs work for any number of noise-related anxieties as well as for hearing protection. We’re often purchased for fireworks, thunder, and travel-related noises.

  3. Wow! This is a terrific idea! Is there any training involved to get a dog use to the calm dog earplugs? I’m also wondering if these earplugs would work for other noises that scare dogs, like thunder and fireworks. While my pup isn’t a hunting dog, he is exposed to loud environmental noises like the ones I just mentions (and even wind storms) that give him anxiety. It seems to be the noise more than anything that scares him. I’ve tried many things to help him. I’ve never thought of earplugs until your article. Dogs do have a great sense of hearing. This could be a game changer!

    1. Yes, our products are akin to other types of tools for dogs and require proper insertion. We find a week or two of treat-based training works best. Our dog earplugs work for a lot of different noises and associated anxiety – like thunder, fireworks, airplane travel, etc. Thanks for loving on CrittEar!

  4. Interesting post and I never thought about hunting dogs and their ears but the idea is brilliant and
    wonder if it would work for regular dogs that are afraid of different sounds

    1. Absolutely they do – our biggest sales months are around July 4th and NY eve – better known as fireworks time! They also work for dogs who have general noise anxiety.

  5. I’m not one for hunting however do appreciate that there is ear protection for dogs while out and about. Honestly, being conscientious of the dogs hearing isn’t something I would have thought of but it’s important for their safety and preserving their one of their acute senses. It’s nice the CrittEar offers such a product to help esure preservation of hunting dogs hearing.

  6. This is really interesting. I’ll be honest, I’m not a hunter, but I never considered how that could impact their hearing over time. It makes sense though. I was in the military and we always had to wear ear protection while firing weapons, so why wouldn’t our dogs need the same consideration?

  7. I purchased a set of the CrittEar earplugs for my hunting dog. I’m looking forward to getting a set of these specialized hunting ear plugs as soon as they are available. Now I can bring my four legged best friend with me to the outdoor shooting range, and not worry about his hearing. He is a tough dog, but I can tell the noise of most firearms are too loud for him, and he doesn’t like it.

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