Our holiday picks for hunting dog accessories

Ho ho ho! Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite hunting dog? We’ve put together our top 13 picks for hunting dog accessories. No matter which hunting season is your favorite, we’ve got your hunting dog covered!  

Hunting Dog Accessories for the Chest, Body and Tail

Hunting dogs find themselves in all kinds of different environments. From hot, dry summers to cold, wet winters, and all the rainy seasons in between, hunting dogs need protection around their torso. These hunting dog accessories can help keep dogs cool or warm, dry, and protected from thorns and briars.

  • MOmarsh Versa Vest – $109.99
    This extremely versatile hunting dog vest fits any dog from 35 – 100 lbs. Using premium hook and loop adjustments, this vest can grow with your dog! No guessing, no cutting, and no measuring necessary. Interchangeable, washable cover panels allow you to change colors to fit your hunting needs. MoMarsh Versa Vest is made of 5mm rubberized Neoprene and water repellant 600D poly fabric.
  • Dokken Supervest Xtreme Camo Neoprene Dog Vest – $29.99
    Made of Neoprene with heavy duty nylon stitching, this is one of the more affordable hunting dog accessories. It will help keep your dog warm and dry on cold hunting trips. It comes in sizes XS (25” or smaller chest) to 3XL (36” or smaller chest).
  • Sylmar Body Guard Dog Vest – $47.95
    Visibility is important on a hunting trip! This dog vest makes your hunting dog super visible and protects their chest. Made from Cordura nylon. Available in XS (20” – 24” girth) to XX-Large (42”-47” girth).
  • Mendota Skid Plate – $46.49
    Hunting in a hot environment? The Mendota Skid Plate offers protection for the dog’s chest and belly, while not making the dog too warm. Super bright and visible. Great for covering post-surgical wounds. Available in XS (20” -28” chest) to X-Large (29”-37”chest).
  • Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest – $59.95
    This hunting dog vest provides cooling through evaporation and reflects sunlight to allow a dog to perform in warmer climates. It has a 3-layer polyester construction to maximize cooling effects. Great for boating and agility courses too! Available in XXS (12”-19” girth) to XL (35” – 48” girth).
  • Lewis Bright-Sight Tail Cover/ Tail Protector – $23.95
    Simple protection for the tip of your hunting dog’s tail! Helps protect your dog’s tail from weeds, cactus, and brush. Comes in a 3-pack.  

Dog Boots – Protecting Those Doggy Feet

Keep those paw pads protected from sand, rocks, snow, ice, and more! These important hunting dog accessories will make sure that your hunting dog can keep walking and running comfortably over any terrain.

  • Lewis Vented Rubber Dog Boots – $48.00
    Great for hunting trips during icy winters, these dog boots will help keep your dog’s feet dry and ice out of their paw pads. With rubber grips on the bottom, your dog will have good traction out on the terrain. Also protects from brush, sand burrs, rocks, and covers sore foot pads. Comes in a set of 4 boots.
  • Red Grip Trex Dog Boots By Ruff Wear – $37.50
    Great for all kinds of terrain, these dog boots are breathable with tightly woven air mesh tops. They use a hook and loop cinch closure. Non-marking Vibram soles give them great grip! Front and back boots are sized separately. Sold in sets of 4. Single boots are available for individual sizing.

Training Whistles and Lanyards

Training your hunting dog with a whistle can help to save your voice. Give commands loudly and clearly with these hunting dog accessories. Create commands such as “sit”, “here”, and “change direction using number/duration of whistle blows and trilling.  

  • Acme Thunderer – Small #560 Whistle – $5.49
    Little, but loud! This pea’d whistle will let your dog hear you clearly giving commands from far away. Made of plastic. Bite resistant. Perfect for retrievers!
  • Acme Sonec 3-Inch Oblong Dog Whistle – $10.99
    This pea-less oblong whistle allows you to train closer commands. Made of plastic. Great for working with spaniels! Comes in black, pink/coral, and orange.
  • Acme Silent Dog Whistle – $28.99
    Working around other people? This mighty whistle is quiet to people and loud to dogs. The pitch of the whistle is higher than can be heard by most humans. The adjustable sleeves screws in to raise the pitch and out to lower it. Effective for up to 2 miles.
  • Premium Solid Braid Lanyard By Mendota – Double Snap – $13.49
    Don’t forget your lanyard! These are important so that you have your whistles around your neck at any time you need to give a command to your hunting dog. Made of UV coated polypropylene cord with leather sleeves. Uses non-glare security snaps. Four different colors available.

Hearing Protection for Hunting Dogs

Did you know that hunting dogs can lose their hearing at an early age because of exposure to gun shot noise? Hearing protection is one of the must have hunting dog accessories for the modern hunter. If you wear hearing protection because the gun shots are too loud for you, wouldn’t your dog (whose ears are more sensitive than yours are) also need hearing protection? We have the best available hearing protection for dogs right here on our holiday list.

  • CrittEar Calm Dog Earplugs – $35.00/pair
    CrittEar Calm dog earplugs are the best of the best in hearing protection for hunting dogs. Made of a patented, medical-grade memory foam, they have a Noise Reduction Rating of 31 dB. They also help to keep water out of the dog’s ears, and thus, help to reduce ear infections. They are great for dogs from 2 – 100 lbs! A 3-pack of CrittEar Calm dog earplugs helps you to be able to have one pair at home, one pair in the car, and one pair in your pocket or purse for hearing protection on the go. Gift cards are also available.

    If you are looking for a great deal on CrittEar Calm dog earplugs, use coupon code NYE2021BOOM at checkout. You’ll recieve 10% OFF of your purchase price AND 1 FREE month of DogTV! These are paw-fect hunting dog accessories for the hunter who has everything this holiday season!

4 Replies to “Our Holiday Picks For Hunting Dog Accessories”

  1. I absolutely love the GPS trackers; we got one for our dog early on even though we don’t hunt–she did. I loved how I could always see where she was and what she was doing. And then, later, we could replay the track of her adventures.

  2. Dog cooling vests are amazing! My dog, Henry, is dark colored with thick fur. I got him a cooling vest the first year I adopted him. It’s perfect for Spring and Summer hikes. I’m amazed at how long it stays cool. I need one!
    The CrittEar dog earplugs are fascinating with all the benefits the provide dogs. I’m so intrigued! I just ordered a pair today. 🙂

  3. Although I don’t hunt, all of these items seem like a great choice for hunting dogs. I know someone who suffered permanent hearing loss due to hunting. Crittear seems like a great choice for dogs exposed to loud noises.

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