Dogs and hunters make a great team! Humans have been using dogs to help them hunt for thousands of years. In fact, hunting is one of oldest purposes for which dogs have been bred. It takes a lot of time and effort to properly train hunting dogs and form lasting bonds with them. That makes keeping your hunting dog safe, with the proper hunting dog safety equipment, of the utmost importance.

Dogs are amazing, and hunting dogs have special gifts that we should protect and help nurture. This is part of the reason I am working on professional-level dog ear plugs for specialized hunting dogs. Read this to find out more!

Susan Hansen, Owner of CrittEar and Shoot Like A Girl Instructor

The Value Of Hunting Dogs As Helpers

As previously mentioned, hunting dogs have been helping human hunters for thousands of years. Different breeds have been developed to help out with different hunting tasks. The breed(s) of dog that will be the right breed of hunting dog for you, depends on the sort of hunting that you do. All hunting dogs will need the correct hunting dog safety equipment.

Sometimes it is hard for human hunters to find their prey animals. Pointers, such as the English Setter or the Weimeraner, are used to point out prey animals and flush them out for hunters. On the other hand, scent hounds, such as Beagles and Bloodhounds, can track down prey by their scent and even scare that prey up a tree to wait for the hunter.

Gun dogs, such as Labrador Retrievers and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, help after the prey is shot by the hunter. They remember where the prey landed and retrieve the prey for the hunter without harming it. These dogs are athletic both on land and in the water.

Various Types Of Hunting Dog Safety Equipment

Much the same as human hunters need safety equipment to ensure safety on the hunt, hunting dog safety equipment is also needed. Hunting dog safety equipment includes:

  • Proper Training: Hunting dogs are highly trained, specialized helper animals. Proper training is necessary to make sure that the dog knows what to do and what to expect on the hunt.
  • A Brightly Colored, Reflective Vest: These vests help you and other hunters to be able to see your dog, especially on early morning or evening hunts.
  • Boots: Boots can help dogs to be able to grip different terrain surfaces and keep their paws from being damaged.
  • Goggles: A good pair of hunting dog goggles can help protect your dog’s eyes from getting seeds in them or having brush scratching them.
  • Hearing Protection: Dogs have extremely sensitive hearing that is geared for very soft sounds. Loud noises, such as hunting rifles, can cause damage to their hearing, just like it can in human ears. Dog ear plugs can help keep a dog’s ears working at their best.
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Does Hearing Protection Alter A Hunting Dog’s Ability To Hear?

Dog earplugs DO NOT alter your dog’s ability to hear. They simply afford your dog’s hearing protection from harmful loud noises and keep your dog from suffering hearing loss. Your dog will still be able to hear your commands, the rustling of prey in its natural habitat, and more. These dog ear plugs are a particularly important piece of hunting dog safety equipment that will allow your dog to hunt with you for many more hunts in the future.

Reminder For Hunting Safety Classes For You And Your Dog

Don’t forget to attend hunting safety classes with your dog! These courses can teach you how and what commands to teach your hunting dog. They can also keep you up to date on all of the latest and greatest hunting dog safety equipment. It is important that you attend these classes with your dog so that you can learn to be a unit on the hunt. A safe hunt is a happy hunt!

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