How to create a fear free dog on New Year's Eve - keeping the booms at bay! #dogearplugs #earplugsfordogs #fireworks

Even though this year (2020) has been a strange one, people are still planning for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Large gathering, city-supported fireworks are mostly cancelled. However, that doesn’t mean the closer-to-home booms won’t take place. Actually, they are much more likely. Because of this we thought it would be a good idea to give you some ideas for having a fear free dog this NYE.

We know you want a fear free dog this New Year's Eve - our tips will help make that possible! #dogearplugs #earplugsfordogs #fireworks #NYE

Tips For A Low Key New Year’s Eve Celebration For A Fear Free Dog

Don’t Let Your Dog Outside

Without very concrete plans, never let your dog outside on the evening of New Year’s Eve. It’s important that you have your day planned. Whatever it is comprised of, it should exclude letting your dog outside. This will help minimize noises, etc. And most importantly, will completely preclude your dog from running away when they hear the booms of NYE fireworks. A fear free dog experience relies on having your pooch indoors. If you have to go outside (e.g. your dog develops diarrhea), make sure you do so in an enclosed environment and/or harnessed. Do not use a regular leash as they can often get out of them when in fear mode.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise For A Fear Free Dog

It is super important that the day of NYE, or any day where fireworks are expected, to get your dog outdoors – BEFORE the fireworks begin. Getting exercise imparts a feeling of calm for your dog. Go for a long walk, get in a good run, do what is needed to safely, and healthily, get your dog good and tired. Make sure you take your dog outside for a final potty before the people gather to watch the fireworks.

Secure Your Home

If you have a doggie door make sure that it is closed. This will help keep your dog inside and safe. Just in case you have a surprise visitor make sure to ensure your doors, gates, and fences are locked up. In the worst case scenario this will keep your dog safe.

Create A Safe Environment

Make sure that your dog’s bed, blankets, and most prized toys are ready for NYE. Your dog will find comfort in having their most beloved items near them. Find a room where the NYE booms are the most muffled and create a welcoming spot for your dog. Stay with your frightened dog throughout the entire evening of booms. Make sure all windows are closed, soft music is playing, and that your dog feels comforted. We also highly recommend our dog earplugs as they help to keep the booms of NYE at bay.

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