We may be happy to finally feel a chill in the air and to know that the heat of summer is over.  But it can have unexpected consequences for our dogs.  We all need to keep a watchful eye and make sure that our furry friends are protected from these fall risks.

  1. Different seasonal allergies.  Your dog can have allergies, just like you can. And as the seasons change your best friend might suffer from new itching and sneezing sources, like Hayfever.  If you suspect any new, or lingering allergy issues for your dog, be sure to consult your vet before treating.
  2. When you start to run the heat in your home, it can dry out your dog’s skin and coat.  This can cause them to itch and rub on furniture.  Instead of mistaking these symptoms for allergic reactions, be sure to visit your vet or ask your groomer about soothing shampoos.
  3. Don’t forget about fleas and ticks! Too many people just assume that as we see the mosquitos and bugs of summer disappear, that our dog’s don’t need coverage.  The fleas and ticks are still around and you need to be mindful, especially as your dog spends more time outside enjoying the milder temps.
  4. Wrapping up your garden?  Be sure to keep Fido and Fluffy out of the compost!  The compost may smell exciting and tasty to your dogs, but trust us, you don’t want to deal with the upset tummies that can come from letting your dog taste half-decomposed food waste.
  5. It may be time to get the car ready for cooler temps, but be sure to safely put away the antifreeze and clean up any spills or leaks.  Too often antifreeze drips onto the garage floor.  Antifreeze tastes sweet, tempting dogs into licking it up!  It only takes 3 ounces of antifreeze to poison a medium sized dog, so take great care to clean it up!

Get out and enjoy the milder temps and falling leaves, but be sure to keep a close eye on your furry friends to keep them safe year-round!



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