Calm, by CrittEar, is the first of its kind. Calm is a patent pending, in-ear noise protection for dogs!  It’s made of a special formulated memory foam and veterinarian recommended, and made in the USA.

See the Description below for more information, Learn what size you need, and how to use them!


Calm, by CrittEar, is the first of its kind: an earplug for dogs! Calm is a patent pending, in-ear noise protection for dogs. Made of  special formulated memory foam, our Calm dog earplug is veterinarian recommended, and produced in the USA.

It was created for dogs that have noise phobia and noise anxiety from thunderstormsfireworks, and for dogs that are in situations where there are loud noises and need hearing protection.

The custom fit of our dog earplugs are specifically created for a canine’s unique ear canal, perfect for dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes!  From the dog next door, to LEO, Military, SAR & Therapy working dogs!

When properly inserted, the foam molds and fits deep into their inner ear canals and molds itself for a soft, noise suppression. This product is great for occasional and periodic use.

XS and XL available in 2021!

Calm is sized by your dog’s weight (in pounds)

  • XS (Extra Small): 2-12
  • S (Small): 13-34
  • M (Medium): 35-70
  • L (Large): 71-100
  • XL (Extra Large): 101-130
  • Groomers pack includes sizes S, M, and L
Please weigh your dog for accuracy as these products are not returnable or exchangeable due to health and cleanliness reasons.



Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 9 × 1 in

Groomer, Large, Medium, Small

2 reviews for Calm, by CrittEar

  1. Susan Hansen (verified owner)

    Krista Tabur
    I am a police officer dealing with Operational Stress Injury and PTSD. I have a 3 year old Standard Poodle service dog. I reached out to CrittEar when I couldn’t find adequate hearing protection for my dog when I went to the gym, spin class and other community functions. I received a pair from Susan shortly after we spoke. There was no adjusting. He accepted them without any issues. They have given me the ability to go out in the community. I can’t thank Susan enough for coming up with such a wonderful product.

  2. Susan Hansen (verified owner)

    Kim Johnson
    My dog freaks out when there are thunder and lighting storms and fireworks. I have tried the thunder shirt which didn’t work. But CrittEar Calm has been a blessing. Scoobs doesn’t like his ears touched but with a few short training sessions and some treats he accepted them great. We were prepared for the fireworks that went off on New Years. We were all able to sleep without Scoobs trying to climb under us and no freaking out. Thank you CrittEar.

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