Here's how to happy hour at home and how to keep your dog calm while! By CrittEar

Is your dog ready for happy hour? The pandemic has brought several changes into our lives – especially when it comes to our social lives. For a growing number of people, the solution has been to move happy hour into their home. This solution has created its own problem; How do you keep your dog calm during happy hour at home? Let’s explore some options.

Yes, virtual parties and happy hours are on the rise on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live and FaceTime. This is most likely doing to all of us being cooped-up and having to social distance due to the pandemic.  Read this to find out more!

Susan Hansen, Owner of CrittEar

The Lost Year – Bringing Happy Hours Into Your Home

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the whole world to come to a sudden halt. As the virus spread, governmental restrictions and health concerns stopped people from gathering in person.  Restaurants, bars, and other public places limited the ability of the public to congregate inside them. Our dogs, like us, had to adjust to the newly created solitude and silence of the world around them.

Happy hour may have been paused, but it was not to be stopped. As time went on, it became clear that people needed a new way to socialize. Online platforms, such as Zoom, became places for people to hang out together. 

A new happy hour was born! You could socialize with your friends and favorite drinks right from the comfort of your own home. Everyone has been at a Zoom event where there was a dog barking in the background. These events made it important to keep your dog calm during happy hour. 

Loud Noises Make A Dog Anxious After A Year Of Shut Down

Why would you need to keep your dog calm for happy hour at your home? Dogs are getting anxious. The world around them is changing just as much as the world is changing for us. 

Dogs like predictability and this past year has been anything but predictable. Just when they have finally gotten used to you and your family being quiet at home, now there is all kinds of noise and activity. Other people are now coming into your home.

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During At Home Happy Hour Events

Planning a happy hour event at your home? Have no fear, there are simple ways to keep your dog calm.

  • Create a calm place for your dog. Find a place in your home where you can keep your dog calm. Perhaps a room with their food, bed, and some favorite toys. Keep this room quiet and off-limits to visitors.
  • Take your Happy Hour outside. We’ve all been trapped inside for far too long. Take your happy hour into the yard so that your dog can stay safely indoors without the new noises or new people. 
  • Lower the volume. Many dogs suffer from noise anxiety- especially after a year of quiet. Try to keep the volume on your speakers as low as you can. Remind your guests to use their “indoor voices” as well. 
  • Use dog earplugs. Sometimes, lowering the volume is not quite enough. Using CrittEar dog earplugs can help quiet noises for your dog, reducing the amount of noise anxiety they experience.

Start With Shorter Durations or More Quiet If On Zoom

There is nothing that your dog loves more than they love being with you. Your dog may suffer some anxiety as the world opens back up and finds its new normal. Help your dog to re-adjust as more noise and people come back into your life. Our dogs need time to process all these changes too. With a little love and patience, you will be able to keep your dog calm during happy hour at home!  

CrittEar, the only patented in-ear earplugs for dogs! Our dog earplugs help keep your dog calm, address noise anxiety in your dog, and protect your dog’s hearing!

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