It's that time of year! Fall Means Leaf Blowers So Protect Your Dogs Hearing - we give you options and explain why you need to protect your dog. #doghearing #dogearplugs

There is something so soothing about the fall season. Leaves turn colors, the earth’s scents are more rich, and you get to wear warm sweaters. Perfection! Except… When leaves turn colors, sooner or later they fall from the trees and blanket your yard. Fall means leaf blowers! Leaf blowers are loud, and so it’s best to protect your dogs hearing – and your hearing too.

Leaf Blowers – How Loud Are They?

Some folks argue that leaf blowers don’t make sound as much as they are an abomination to sound. Yes, this yard tool that surpassed the rake for cleaning up leaves is not exactly music to your ears. Leaf blowers assault eardrums, including your dog’s sensitive hearing. Coming in at a whopping 95 to 115 decibels for those operating a leaf blower, for those hanging out in your yard while you tidy up your lawn, the sound made reached about 80 decibels (source).

Is that loud? Yes, while a chain saw comes in at 115 decibels and is clearly louder than a leaf blower, the blowing of leaves tends to be a repetitious activity. This means that your dog is likely to experience hearing loss overtime when joining you outside during your leaf blowing duties.

It's that time of year! Fall Means Leaf Blowers So Protect Your Dogs Hearing - we give you options and explain why you need to protect your dog. #doghearing #dogearplugs

Fall Means Leaf Blowers So Protect Your Dogs Hearing

There are a few options you can employ when enjoying Fido’s company while you use your leaf blower in your yard. Let’s take a look at the few most popular options.

Put Fido Inside

Well, this option doesn’t really have you enjoying your dog’s company. But, since fall means leaf blowers and leaf blowers mean noise, one option is to keep your dog inside while using lawn equipment. Your dog probably won’t like it, they are happiest when keeping us company, but at least your dog’s hearing will be saved.

Place Fido In A Location Further Than 50’ Away 

The most damaging decibels from lawn equipment is due to close proximity. For leaf blowers, it’s best to keep your dog at least a 50’ minimum length away. If you choose this method, remember to keep the 50’ distance at all times regardless of where you are located in your yard.

In-Ear Dog Earplugs

Our patented CrittEar in-ear dog earplugs will help protect your dog’s hearing while joining you during lawn maintenance duties. With a little bit of training, you’ll be able to get your dog to happily welcome our earplugs. Our customers report that their dogs appear to connect the earplugs with being able to tolerate loud noises – like those of the dreaded leaf blower.

Tips For Using Your Leaf Blower Around Your Dog

One piece of advice we can offer is to always know where your dog is at while using your leaf blower. This is because these machines can unintentionally spread pet-unfriendly lawn debris – like rocks, sticks, thorns, and other things that can poke or injure.

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