Dirty dog? Long unruly coat? Pet groomers can play a big role in a dog’s life! Adorable haircuts aside, making a dog look good is only part of what a pet groomer does. They also look out for a dog’s health by helping to keep the dog clean and germ free. A dog’s coat can hold a lot of grime! The dog’s ears present a special challenge. Keeping a dog’s ears clean and dry helps to ward off ear infections – one of the most common reasons dogs go to the veterinarian.

CrittEar Dog Earplugs Win New Pet Groomer Tool Award!

SuperZoo is one of the biggest gatherings of pet industry professionals in the United States (source). Pet industry professionals get together at SuperZoo to show off their latest and greatest products. SuperZoo 2021 had over 700 vendors!

CrittEar made its pet industry debut at SuperZoo 2021. Our dog earplugs were entered into a contest with many of the newest and best products available in the grooming industry. Elite judges poured over the aisles and aisles of grooming products over the first day of the show. Which products could help a pet groomer the most? There were some amazing contenders. In the end, CrittEar took home the prize for Runner-up in the New Product Showcase in the Grooming Category!

What Dog Groomers Have To Say

A number of pet groomers visit the CrittEar booth at SuperZoo 2021. Each pet groomer had their own thoughts when it comes to grooming, but a few things came up in conversation after conversation. When it comes to a dog’s ears, pet groomers had two main concerns:

  1. How do you wash the dog’s face, head, and outer ears without getting water in the dog’s ear canals?
  2. How do you use an industrial blow dryer on a dog without hurting the dog’s ears or causing noise anxiety in dogs?

The current way that a pet groomer is handling these issues is to put cotton in the dog’s ear canal and wrapping a headband around the dog’s head to hold the cotton in place. However, cotton only draws water into the ear and the headbands must come off when washing or drying the dog’s ears and head. It’s a mediocre solution at best – especially considering how expensive ear infections in dogs can be.

CrittEar dog earplugs are just the solution that the pet groomers were looking for. Dog earplugs address both situations. They help keep water out of the dog’s ears by expanding to fill the dog’s entire L-shaped ear canal perfectly. Our dog earplugs also help to prevent noise anxiety by buffering up to 31 dB of sound. No head band needed to hold them in the dog’s ears! These dog earplugs are small enough not to get in the way while the dog is being groomed as well.

3 Pack Dog Earplugs For Groomers

Are you a pet groomer? We have your covered! The CrittEar Groomer’s 3-Pack helps you to serve dogs from 2 – 100 lbs. It comes with one pair of small dog earplugs, one pair of medium dog earplugs, and one pair of large dog earplugs.

We know that the average pet groomer serves 8-9 dogs per day. That means that most groomers will benefit from having 4 CrittEar Groomer’s 3-Packs on hand. To give pet groomers an extra boost, the CrittEar Groomer’s 3-Pack is 20% less than the price of ordering 3 separate pairs of dog earplugs.

Wash, Rinse, Air Dry – Groomers Love Them!

Cleanliness is next to dogliness, they say! Keeping CrittEar dog earplugs clean is very simple – no chemicals needed. Just wash the dog earplug with soap and water, then allow it to air dry. Voila! That’s all there is to it. As soon as they are dry, they are ready to use again and completely safe to use on multiple dogs. Pet groomers can do what they love with fewer concerns when using CrittEar.

9 Replies to “Why Pet Groomer Tools Include Our Dog Earplugs”

  1. Very interesting! Is just soap and water enough to eliminate the risk of transmitting bacteria/yeast from dog to dog? I have a dog who is very prone to ear infections, so I’d worry about that. I groom my dogs at home, though, so I guess it’s not anything I’d have to worry about. I can for sure see why professional groomers would be interested in CrittEar plugs!

    1. Hi Michelle – great question! Our vet has developed a true disinfecting process to thoroughly clean. We’re getting our material ready to send out to our clients and will post a follow-up article.

  2. CrittEar just made so many groomer’s lives easier with their product. I had no idea the length they had to go to in order to prevent water in the ears for dogs. Cotton balls and headbands? Wow. CrittEar ear plugs to the rescue!

  3. Congratulations on runner up in the New Product Showcase! What an accomplishment! CritterEar earplugs will soon be the gold standard for groomers. They certainly seem to have a lot of applications and appear to be a major game changer. I’m really impressed!

  4. I would not have thought of this at all but you are right! If water gets in a dogs ears = instant distress. I am so glad you did well at SuperZoo this will ensure people take Crittear seriously!

  5. I think these are a great alternative to cotton balls in dogs ears during bathing – no need to worry about small pieces getting stuck in the canal when they get wet!

  6. Congratulations on how well you did at SuperZoo – that is something to be proud of! Honestly, I had thought about many different uses for CrittEar since hearing about the product but I never even considered an application related to grooming. That being said, I have used clippers to groom our long-haired cat before and I can TOTALLY see why it would be a good idea.

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