Water in dog ears - for a dog, is there anything worse? Learn how to let your dog enjoy water while also protecting their ears!

Is your dog ready for a little H20? Whether it is time for a summer getaway, hunting season, or a trip to the groomer for a new do, do not forget about your dog’s ears. A dog’s ears are designed to take in sound, not water! A little shake of the head may remove some of the water in dog ears, but why not prevent it from getting in there in the first place? It could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

The Problem with Water in Dog Ears

Dogs have incredibly special ears. They are designed to hear the very quiet and high-pitched sounds of small prey hiding in the wild. Unlike human ears, these dog ears have L-shaped ear canals. This L-shape makes it more difficult for water to get out of the dog’s ear once it has gotten inside.

Water in dog ears can be simply irritating, but it can also lead up to a bacterial infection called Otitis Externa. This infection is also known as Swimmer’s Ear. Swimmer’s Ear can be treated with medication, but it can also be prevented by keeping water out of your dog’s ears in the first place.

Where do dog ears get wet?

Despite its name, Swimmer’s Ear, your dog does not have to go swimming in order to get the ear infection. Let us look at some places where water in dog ears is commonplace:

  • The Groomer: Groomers often use water to bathe your dog and wash their coat. It is not unusual for a dog to get water in their ears while at the groomer.
  • The Pool or Beach: Does your dog like to go swimming? This is the most obvious cause of water in dog ears. Some dogs love swimming and dock diving.
  • At Home: There are many sources of water in your home. Water could get in your dog’s ears while bathing your dog or playing outside with hose or the sprinkler.
  • Boating: Water, water everywhere! If your dog goes boating with you, they may also take a dip in the water or get sprayed by waves crashing into the boat.
  • On the Hunt: Hunting with your dog can be a great experience. However, at times your dog may run into watery situations while retrieving or tracking prey for you. These watery situations can lead to water in dog ears.

Dog Earplugs Are a Solution to Wet Dog Ears

Preventing water in dog ears is a much better solution to Swimmer’s Ear than is medicating after the fact. It is much more cost-effective too. Think of the vet bills an active dog might have!

CrittEar dog earplugs are a great way to prevent water from getting in your dog’s ears – no matter what your dog’s favorite water activity is. These dog earplugs are created specifically to fit a dog’s L-shaped ear canals perfectly when sized and inserted properly. Water will not go through or around properly inserted dog earplugs. CrittEar dog ear plugs will stay in place even if your dog’s ears are completely submerged in water while swimming or performing other water activities.

Keep Your Dog’s Ears Safe

Your dog’s ears are important. They allow your dog to do so many fun things and to understand the world around them. Keep your dog’s ears safe by preventing water from getting into them in the first place. Keep a pair of CrittEar dog earplugs in your home, in your car, and in your purse or bag so that you are always ready for a little fun in the water with your dog.

CrittEar, the only patented in-ear earplugs for dogs! Our dog earplugs help keep your dog calm, address noise anxiety in your dog, and protect your dog’s hearing!

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