Want to learn how to keep your water dog ears infection free? We've got the info you need here!

Some dogs cannot help but make a splash! It is no secret – dogs love water (as long as it is not bath time). Whether it is at the beach or in a private pool you can find dogs enjoying a good swim. Isn’t it fun to watch them have so much fun? The part that is not fun is the potential ear infections. Luckily, there are some great ways to keep water dog ears infection free.

How Water Can Lead to Dog Ear Infections

Water is so cleansing – how does it lead to dog ear infections? The answer is simple actually. A dog’s ear canal is shaped like an L. It is easy for water to get trapped in the inner part of the canal, creating a warm, moist environment that is perfect for bacteria and yeast to grow out of control. The bacteria or yeast can come from either the water or the dog’s own microbiome (a layer of microbes that line the body of the dog to help
protect the dog from disease).

One dog ear infection, called Swimmer’s Ear or Otis External, is most often caused by bacterial growth inside the dog’s ear. This dog ear infection is one of common reasons that dogs are seen at the vet. Keeping dog ears infection free can save you a lot of
money in veterinarian bills in the long run!

Symptoms of Ear Infections in Dogs

Does your dog have an ear infection? You should always check with your veterinarian to know for certain (more info here). However, some of the symptoms that a dog with an ear infection might display are the following:

  • Head shaking
  • Itchy Ears
  • Loss of balance
  • Redness in the ear canal
  • Odor coming from the ears
  • Discharge from the ears (yellow, brown, or bloody)
  • Swollen Ears

If your dog has any of these symptoms, it is important that your veterinarian do tests to determine what kind of ear infection that your dog has. Dog ear infections can not be properly treated without the cause of the dog ear infection being identified. The best option is to work to keep dog ears infection free from the beginning.

Ways to Keep Water Dog Ears Infection Free

Once your dog has an ear infection, the only choice is to go to the veterinarian and get your dog tested for different kinds of yeast and bacteria. There will be a course of antibiotics or antifungals to treat the infection.

Prevention is so much better than treatment. Keep dog ears infection free using the following methods:

  • Clean Your Dogs Ears Frequently: A simple solution of apple cider vinegar and water and some cotton balls are all that is needed to keep your dog’s ears clean. Cleaning them regularly rids the ears of excess ear wax, bacteria, and yeast that might be starting to build up.
  • Feed Your Dog A High-Quality Diet: Another big factor in dog ear infections is the dog’s allergies. These can be food allergies or allergies to the environment. Allergies cause the ear canal to become inflamed and raw. A balanced, high-quality diet can help limit the dog’s body’s inflammatory reactions and limit food allergies.
  • Use In-Ear Dog Ear Plugs: Is your dog going swimming? How about taking a bath? CrittEar’s in-ear dog earplugs fit a dog’s L-shaped ear canal perfectly. This helps to block water from ever entering the ear canal and thus helps keep dog ears infection free. This limits the opportunity to create an environment in the dog’s ears that is suitable for bacterial or yeast growth. A 3-pack of CrittEar dog earplugs is perfect to keep in your home, car, and purse for travel.

Help Your Dog To Enjoy Water Activities

Get your dog’s favorite water toy! It’s time to get wet. Keeping dog ears infection free is simple and inexpensive. There is no need for raw, swollen, itchy dog ears. Just have a fun time on the boat, at the beach, or in a pool! Going to the groomer? These tips have you covered for bath time too. Remember to clean your dogs ears, feed them a balanced diet, and use CrittEar dog earplugs!

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