Here’s the situation. You’ve ordered dog earplugs and you are really excited because this is just what your dog needs. Your dog suffers from noise anxiety and could really use relief from loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms. Fireworks can be over 150 dB (source)! You try inserting dog earplugs and with a shake of your dog’s head they go flying. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, we’re here to guide your through proper insertion of dog earplugs.

How Dogs View Dog Earplugs

For a dog, the idea of earplugs is something very new. They don’t know what it feels like to wear them or what they will do. Inserting dog earplugs for the first time can feel strange and make them want to get that foreign object out of their ear!

Just like boots and harnesses, it can take a little bit of repetitious training to get your dog to accept dog earplugs. They must learn that the earplugs are there to help them and what to expect from them. Training your dog to use dog earplugs requires some high value treats and some patience. Inserting dog earplugs properly will help to make the training process easier on both you and your dog.

3 Steps to Inserting Dog Earplugs

Inserting dog earplugs is a very simple process. There are only three steps that you need to follow:

  1. Roll the dog earplug
    With your thumb and forefinger, roll (do NOT twist) the dog earplug. The idea is just to squish the dog earplug down enough that it will have to re-expand in the dog’s ear canal.  
  2. Pull up on your dog’s ear flap
    With your free hand, pull up on your dog’s ear flap. This is to elongate the dog’s ear canal.
  3. Insert and hold
    With your dog’s ear flap being held up, insert the rolled dog earplug into your dog’s ear canal. Hold this position for 5 seconds while the dog earplug re-expands.

When you have inserted a dog earplug, generously give your dog high value treats and praise. This will help your dog to view the dog earplug as a good thing while also distracting them from the fact that the earplug has been inserted. While your dog is distracted, move on and work with the other ear. Don’t wait too long between insertions or your dog may hyper focus on the first earplug and try to shake it out.

Why Proper Insertion Is Important

Properly inserting dog earplugs is a key to keeping them in your dog’s ears. There is a combination of actions at work. When the dog earplug re-expands and you release your dog’s ear flap, the dog’s ear canal goes back to its original shape around a newly expanded earplug. This creates a lock that hold your dog’s earplug in place.

Getting The Right Pair For Your Pooch

Getting the right size helps to make inserting dog earplugs that much easier. Our dog earplugs are sized by the ideal weight of your dog. If your dog is not overweight or underweight, then they are close to their ideal weight. Check out our sizing chart here!

CrittEar Calm comes in a convenient 3-pack for all your dog’s needs. Whether it is calming noise anxiety, protecting your dog’s hearing, or keeping water out of your dog’s ears, we’re here for you! Have a calmer summer with CrittEar Calm.

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