Most all dogs love swimming – getting wet can be a lot of fun for dogs. Thanks to dogs we have the style of swimming that most all humans learn when young: dog paddle. While most dogs swim, there are those special dogs that thrive on running and jumping into water. These water-loving pups are naturally predisposed for dock diving – speeding down a dock, taking a large leap, and soar to impressive heights to grab a toy and land in the water. Dock diving competitions are extremely popular. But, just like humans, dogs can get water in their ears while swimming… Yes, it can be annoying. So, we had to ask: can dogs swim and dive with earplugs for dock diving? 

Do you have a dog that loves water? Can dogs swim and dive with earplugs - and should they?

Can Dogs Swim And Dive With Earplugs? Should They?

While swimming and dock diving are exciting activities to engage in with dogs, it does require dog owners to prepare and protect their pooch. Competitive water sports can expose your dog to otitis externa, or more commonly known as an ear infection. Often referred to as swimmer’s ear, this infection is associated with water retention, creating a moist environment that aids in bacteria growth. Symptoms of swimmer’s ear in dogs include pain, itchiness, redness, dark discharge, shaking of the head, and foul odor.  

Ear issues are one of the most common reasons dog owners bring their canine to the vet. It happens in the summer, post a refreshing swim in a lake or river to cool off hot days. Dogs are more susceptible to ear infection than humans because of their L-shape of their ear canal, which goes down and then bends inward. If left unchecked, swimmer’s ear can lead to damage and hearing loss. 

Prevention Is The Key – So, Can Dogs Swim and Dive With Earplugs? Yes!

While swimmer’s ear is treatable, the best course of action is prevention. A bit of prevention can help your dog avoid injury and save you money from preventable vet visits. For people who have dock diving dogs, or dogs who love water, try prevention in the form of dog earplugs! Can dogs swim and dive with earplugs? Absolutely, yes they can – and they offer great ear health benefits. CrittEar dog earplugs are designed to fit into your dog’s ear canal. Meaning there is a very minimal chance that they will fall out. This unique, patent-pending design is why our earplugs are great for dogs that love water and dock diving, as they provide a health advantage while allowing them to hear their handler. 

Dogs Love Water

Is your dog is a canine version of Michael Phelps? If so,m it is important that you keep your pet healthy and prevent an ear infection. Let us know what tips you have that help keep your water-loving dog happy and healthy while getting wet. 

Picture: Kathleen Gilligan & wonderdog Mavis

2 Replies to “Can Dogs Swim and Dive With Earplugs For Dock Diving?”

  1. i have an American bully Blu tri,, he lives for the water and It kills me to keep him out.. He does shake his head alot , so I am hoping the fit will be tight.. We are waiting 3 weeks for his ears to heal.. !st bad ear infection, The antibiotics are killing his stomach. I also got him a vest , because the floats were getting distroyed . He loves the vest and loves to jump in repeatively!!

    1. We hope Blu starts feeling better soon! Our earplugs are used by quite a few groomers – so hopefully they’ll work for Blu too so he can get back to loving the water.

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