CrittEar™ CALM is, a patent pending, in-ear noise protection for dogs. It is made from a special formulated memory foam. It’s made in a cool and ‘Calm’ shade of blue. CALM is for a consumer who has a dog who is afraid of fireworks, thunderstorms, traffic, is stimulated by loud noises, or needs hearing protection for a short term. If you have a dog with anxiety that is brought on by noisy environments or sounds, Calm can help!

When inserted, the foam molds and fits deep into their inner ear canals and molds itself for a soft, noise suppression. When the noise is suppressed by the unique shape and size of ‘Calm’, it allows the dog to relax… “Calm”.  This product is great for the once or twice a year use.

Check out the latest information about the process.

Small size available Fall, 2020!

XS & SL manufacturing in 2021!

Calm, in Sizes XS - XL

Calm is sized by your dog’s weight (in pounds).  

  • XS (Extra Small): 2-12
  • S (Small): 12-24
  • M (Medium): 24-60
  • L (Large): 60-90
  • XL (Extra Large): 90-120