Susan Hansen, Top Dog/CEO & Owner

Building on an in-depth entrepeneurial career in audiology, Susan founded CrittEar in 2019 with a goal to develop the first in-ear dog noise protection product. Now Susan holds the title for creating the only earplug for dogs. Susan has successfully patented her invention and is now overseeing the R&D, growth and expansion of CrittEar. Read more about Susan here.​


Rebecca Sanchez, Amazement Officer/Chief Operating Officer

With more than 15 years of pet industry experience and decades of executive-leadership, Rebecca is passionate about guiding CrittEar into the lead position of the pet product market. Overseeing all operational elements in a manner that fosters effective team and individual contributions is important to Rebecca. In a nutshell, Rebecca makes magic for us. You can read more about her here.  

Dr. Lori Blackwell, Veterinarian of Exceptional Training (VET)

After seeing many furry patients suffer from noise sensitivities, Dr. Lori Blackwell eagerly contributes to our development, testing, and marketing. Building on her 30-year small animal practice, and as a devoted gun competitor, Dr. Blackwell is passionate about preserving dog’s hearing. See more here.

Lori McNabb CrittEar Vet
Joe Kikukawa

Joe Kikukawa, Biscuit Counter/Chief Financial Officer

We are so happy to have Joe keeping track of all things financial – and even better, he’s a true dog lover, having two Shih Tzus as his constant companions. Joe’s expertise comes through his 25+ years in the financial field, including an international CPA firm and a controller at one of the world’s largest software firms. Thrilled to be apart of the team, Joe embodies our entrepreneurial spirit.