Susan Hansen, Top Dog/CEO & Owner

Building on an in-depth entrepeneurial career in audiology, Susan founded CrittEar in 2019 with a goal to develop the first in-ear dog noise protection product. Now Susan holds the title for creating the only earplug for dogs. Susan has successfully patented her invention and is now overseeing the R&D, growth and expansion of CrittEar. Read more about Susan here.​


Rebecca Sanchez, Amazement Officer/Marketing & Development

With more than 15 years of pet industry editorial, marketing, and consulting experience, Rebecca is passionate about launching CrittEar into the lead position of the pet product market. Crafting award-winning, unique, and educational content and developing head turning marketing strategy is what Rebecca does best – she makes magic for us. You can read more about her here.  

Dr. Lori Blackwell, Veterinarian of Exceptional Training (VET)

After seeing many furry patients suffer from noise sensitivities, Dr. Lori Blackwell eagerly contributes to our development, testing, and marketing. Building on her 30-year small animal practice, and as a devoted gun competitor, Dr. Blackwell is passionate about preserving dog’s hearing. See more here.

Lori McNabb CrittEar Vet
CrittEar, dog earplugs, Finance Director Windy McNabb

Windy McNabb, Chief Biscuit Counter/Director of Finance

Typically supervised by her dog Zoe, and while traveling the country in her RV, Windy oversees our financial unit. Windy honed her expertise through her 20+ years of providing organizational and financial services to small business owners. Thrilled to be apart of the team, Windy embraces our dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic.

Josh Peters, Senior Officer of Networking (S.O.N)/Project Manager

Building on his background in Fire services and Emergency Medical Systems, Josh manages new CrittEar product lines for working dogs and K-9’s. Josh successfully leads these projects due to his dedication to teamwork and a passion for dogs. Josh is married and lives with his wife, son, and two dogs in the glorious Pacific Northwest.

Josh, Senior Officer of Networking - S.O.N. (Project Manager)

Bree Marie, Online Magician/Social Media Manager

Bringing our vision to light and sharing it throughout the internet, Bree ignites her craft through our social channels. With a successful background of creating verbal and visual candy, Bree engages our clients, followers, and all dog lovers with her masterful and artistic translation of our CrittEar mission. Bree is clever, intelligent, witty, and fun – visit her on one of our social channels. Read more about Bree here.

Julia Peters, Department of Internal Logistics (D.I.L)/Customer Service

Julia manages the client services for CrittEar and ensures 100% customer satisfaction. Her background in retail, call centers, and customer services has helped CrittEar flourish. Whether explaining how to insert our products, or assisting with shipping questions, Julia manages it all with a smile. Julia is Josh’s wife and together they have an amazing life.

Julia, Department of Internal Logistics - D.I.L. (Customer Service)