Susan, Top Dog

I’m Susan Hansen. I am the inventor/founder/Top Dog of CrittEar®.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my hunky hubby and our 4 pups. I am a mother, Nana, wife, competition shooter & dog lover.

We all know that dogs can hear better than us. 5 times better!!  They live in this loud world with us and hear it 5x louder.! Can you imagine? And they never complain.

My business was to make custom, human, hearing protection. For workers in loud industry, heavy equipment, or in the shooting sports. It broke my hear to see my aging, and sound sensitive dog, Coleman hiding and panting because he was afraid. I knew I had to do something. I used my knowledge and supplies and invented CrittEar®. It is the first of it’s kind, patent-pending, in-ear hearing & noise protection for dogs.

As I was researching and designing my new in-ear hearing protection for dogs, I learned that one of the side effects was that the dog calmed down. They were able to relax more because the sound that triggered nerves was suppressed.  Dogs Can’t Fear What They Can’t Hear!

I knew that this could help all dogs thatt are in and around loud noises, like crowds, cities, thunderstorms and fireworks.

Protecting Dogs’ Ears, Calming Dogs’ Fears

I’ve pulled together a great team of like minded folks that want to protect dogs, and their owners, from stressful situations.  Together we’re working to save dogs hearing, and to keep fur families safe.

Josh, Senior Officer of Networking - S.O.N (Project Manager)

My name is Josh Peters, son to Top Dog. I have a wonderful wife, Julia, a son, and one furry family member, Ruger. We live in Northwest Washington.

I have a background in Fire departments. I was with a  Fire and Rescue department for 11 years. I learned so much like the value of teamwork. You can do a lot with your owns skills and determination, but as a group you can change so much more. Also have background in project management with multiple businesses. I have managed stores, trained employees, written protocols and manuals, and even recruited candidates into companies to help with growth!

Julia and I pursued Entrepreneur avenues with the intent to add value to others and their lives. My Mom, Top Dog, saw the drive I had, even through the hard times, and asked me to join the pack! I’m very excited to be part of this team and can’t wait to bring the CrittEar®.line to market!

Julia, Department of Internal Logistics - D.I.L. (Customer Service)

My name is Julia. I am the wife to Josh. I am a born and raised Washingtonian. Together we have a son, Daimeon and a furry family member, Ruger.

My work experience consists everything between retail, call center and where I am at my best, customer service. I have had a quite the variety. I will use this variety of customer service experience to answer questions, feedback, compliments and struggles that might need assistance.

Kim, Project Advisor

I live in Las Vegas with our two spoiled pups Buster and Scoobs. I enjoy the shooting sports where I have met the most amazing people all across the country.

I am excited to be part of the CrittEar® pack. These products are so important, and I am thrilled to be working on developing the most amazing products to help and protect our furbabies.  Keeping dogs safe our goal!

Lori, Veterinarian of Exceptional Training - V.E.T.

Dr. Lori Blackwell is a small animal veterinarian that as practiced in the northern suburbs of Chicago for 30 years.  She is  a general practitioner with a special interest in surgery.

Dr. Blackwell is also, a 3 Gun competitor that has and enjoys having custom hearing protection on the range.  She is eager to help in the development, testing and marketing of the CrittEar® line because dogs deserve hearing protection too.

Also, she has many patients that suffer from noise sensitivities that will benefit as well!

Chris, Project Artisan of Website - P.A.W.

I’m Chris, and I’m very excited to be a part of CrittEar!

I live in Hernando, MS,  a small, rural town in north MS, just south of Memphis. I’m a military brat and a (retired) Navy wife, so I’ve lived all over.  My husband and I have 4 kids, all grown and living off own their own now.  We also have our furry family, which is 2 dogs, Charlie and Ellie, and 5 cats, all rescues, 2 of which are special needs.

I have been in marketing for the last 13 years, focusing on digital and interactive marketing.    I’m also a competitive shooter, and spend a lot of time at the range.

I am thrilled to be a member of CrittEar®, and I want to help more pet owners keep their dogs safe.