To our non-US Customers,

If you have ordered products from outside the US and have used a 3rd party ‘agent’ service that provided you a US mailing address, you must read this important message.

Legitimate and Not-So Legitimate 3rd Party Shippers

We fully recognize that CrittEar ships to very few countries outside the US and that your country may not have presented at checkout. Because of this you may be tempted to use a 3rd party shipper.

Please be aware that CrittEar does NOT have a relationship with ANY 3rd party offering to forward on packages sent to US mailing address. We know of an increasing number of these companies being setup that are not legitimate and goods do not reach the buyer in full or in part. CrittEar cannot be and is not liable for any onward shipping, and we very strongly discourage use of such services.


If you, or someone on your behalf, use a US address from a 3rd party, be that an organizationfamily memberfriend or acquaintance with the intention of exporting out of the US, then be aware that there is NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES, REPLACEMENTS, WARRANTY, ETC., ON ANY PRODUCTS IN YOUR ORDER.

Unsure of the 3rd Party Service?

If you are committed to exporting outside the US but are unsure of the quality of the service to your country, immediately request your order to be cancelled by Customer Service. Send us an email to and provide your order number and request to cancel. If we are able to do so, we will comply with your wishes – however, if the package has left our facility then we are unable to fulfill your request. It is unfortunate, and we truly would hate for you to be in a bad situation with a US mailing address shipping service.